Best Camping Tents

Regardless if you do it alone or with friends, mountain hiking or camping in the woods can be a great way to rejuvenate the senses as long as you have one of the best camping tents. You don’t have to be a survivalist to enjoy the outdoors. Even the Average Joe can easily find pleasure in exploring the greenery.

Best camping tents

Despite the accessibility of modern comforts in technology, a lot of people today spend some time outdoors to refresh and even relax in the midst of Mother Nature. Not only does it help you appreciate nature, it can also help give you a number of health benefits. Based on research, camping and staying in touch with nature have its physiologic effects to the body. One of which is to correct our sleeping patterns. It has also been proven by health experts that it can impact how our immune system and mood patterns work.

It’s the perfect opportunity to stay away from gadgets and the tedious daily tasks of the nine to five job. Once you explore the beauty of nature, it is possible to restart your system and be able to start fresh again once you go back.

However, let’s admit that the right gear is imperative if you plan on going outdoors. A camping trip isn't complete without a good and solid tent. A tent is your temporary shelter once you are staying in the woods. It is imperative that it allows you to sleep comfortably, but it should also have enough space for your stuff.

In fact, spending even just a day without the right camping tent can be a nightmare. Can you imagine dealing with the elements using the wrong camping tent? Sleeping together with your family after a busy day full of adventurous activities simply requires a nice and cozy tent.

Having said that, we can now move on to what is important in searching for a high-quality, and affordable camping tent. If you want to read some more about the history of tents please visit this page.

Based on hours of countless hours of research, we’ve come up with the best camping tents that you may want to check:

The Best Camping Tent Reviews of 2016-2017

So you have now decided to go camping. Given the number of camping tents on the market, we’ve come up with ten of the best products out there. These tents that we’ve reviewed have different pros and cons. Some are meant for the cold weather, while there are those tents that can only handle the rain and summer weather.

We also included tents with different capacities in our review. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy camping regardless if you are going solo or with the entire family! Here are ten of the best camping tents that we’ve come up with.

Product Name




Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person

Backpacking Tent

2 Person

View Price

Coleman 8-Person Instant

Family Tent

8 Person

View Price

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Lone Wolf

Backpacking Tent

1 Person

View Price

Coleman WeatherMaster Screened

Family Tent

1-6 Person

View Price

Sundome 2,3,6-Person

Family Tent

2-6 Person

View Price

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon

Family Tent

1-8 Person

View Price

Wenzel Alpine 3-Person

Family Tent

1-3 Person

View Price

Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person

Family Tent

3 Person

View Price

Stansport Scout Backpack

Backpacking Tent

1 Person

View Price

Pacific Play Secret Castle Bed 2-Person

Backpacking Tent

1-2 Person

View Price

#1 Mountainsmith Morrison 2-Person Tent (Citron Green) - Award Winner

It isn’t always the case that you bring a large group into the woods. In fact, a lot of people go hiking either alone or with a buddy. In this particular scenario, instead of buying a large tent that can be a burdensome during the entire trip, it’s a practical option to stick to a 2-person tent.

mountainsmith morrision

Here, you get a modest sized camping tent which can accomodate one to two people with all their belongings.

We’ve considered the Morrison as one of the best products out there. Fast and easy to assemble camping tent manufactured by Mountainsmith

This durable and reliable camping tent is made of different durable fabrics including a 185T polyester tent material known for its breathable characteristics. Included is a rainfly made of same 185T polyester fabric that carries a 2,000 mm-rated polyurethane coating. On its flooring is a 190T polyester fabric that has a 5,000 milimeter rated polyurethane coating.

Enough room for two people

Designed for one to two people, it is a handy camping tent that you can use if you are not joining a large group of hikers. It offers a 35 square foot floor area, not to mention enough ventilation to keep you comfortable during summer or during noon. As a three season tent, it has the ability to withstand heavy rain and strong winds.

What is wrong about the product?

The tent is classified as a backpacking tent. This means that it is supposed to be a lightweight tent which can easily fit and be carried in your backpack. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the case. A lot of past customers found the Morrison a bit heavy for a two person tent.In addition to this, the folded size of this backpacking tent is also quite bulky.


  • Easy to set-up (color coded components)
  • High quality material
  • Superb ventilation
  • ​Excellent Price/Quality Ratio
  • ​Two entrances
  • Modern and appealing design
  • Spacious interior


  • Not the lightest camping tent
  • Small vestibule
  • Bulky even if folded


The Morrison 2-person three season tent by Mountainsmith is well constructed. It makes use of outstanding materials that can withstand the weather.

Despite some drawbacks including its bulky size and weight that is heavier than most backpacking camping tents, you can easily consider this item as one of the best products that you can invest on if you plan to enjoy the outdoors on your own or with a buddy.

#2 Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (Black)

If you consider camping with your family or friends, it is a good idea to choose a camping tent that allows you to have some privacy. The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is a spacious tent that can accomodate up to 8 individuals and even cater to two rooms. If you opt to just have one big space with the rest of your friends and family, you can also remove the divider between rooms.

Coleman 8 Person instant tent

Also, there are people who make use of the Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent to camp for more than a week. It is a tent that can be used by two people as their temporary shelter in the wilderness for two days. It has enough space to cover for your sleeping bag and other necessities.

Unlike other tents that can be quite confusing to assemble, this product is considered idiotproof. The poles are pre-attached to the tent allowing the users to set up the product within a minute or two. It takes only three steps (unfold, extend and secure) to set the entire camping tent up.

Another great feature of the Coleman 8-person Instant Tent is its comfort. It has 7 windows which allows full ventilation, especially when 8 people are inside the tent. In addition to this, its center height is at 6’5” allowing you to stand and even walk around the tent.

This tent can also withstand moisture and rain. It utilizes weather tec system which includes thick waterproof walls.

Spacious and well ventilated

This tent is one of the best options out there if you are planning to go out and camp with friends or with families. Not only does it have the capacity to provide shelter for 8 people, it still has enough room for your bags and other belongings.

With 7 windows, it provides full ventilation keeping you comfortable when it’s daytime. And of course, it also has two doors which people could use to go in and out of the tent.

What is wrong about the product?

Though it can house 8 people, it only has two rooms. In reality, it is better to just remove the dividers and sleep in one open space with everyone. Also, if you are planning to camp in the desert, the Coleman 8-person Instant Tent might not be the best option for you. The windows don’t seal entirely which can possibly be a bad idea if there’s a sandstorm.


  • Well ventilated with 7 windows and two doors
  • Easy to set up
  • Large size
  • Durable material


  • Not suitable for camping in the desert
  • Only has two rooms


The Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent is a handy option if you plan on having a trip with friends or with family members. It’s also a good deal for solo campers who plan to stay for quite a while outdoors. Though you can only have two rooms, it offers sufficient ventilation and functionality that can prove to be handy in the elements.

#3 ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent - Lone Wolf

If you are planning for a solo getaway, it is important to consider a tent that is both lightweight and durable at the same time. The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent offers a number of things that can make your adventure worth it.

ALPS Mountainering Lynx

This camping tent is loaded with great features and is a great choice for backpacking. This tent is capable of keeping you dry despite the heavy rains. It is made of materials that you typically see on more expensive brands. It makes use of polyester taffeta that can withstand the elements to keep you comfortable while camping.

Unlike other tents, the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent offers versatility to its end-users. It offers a rain fly made of 185T polyester which can also resist UV rays. In terms of ventilation, it has half mesh walls to keep you somewhat comfortable especially during the day when it can get hot. Looking at the interior of the tent, it also has enough pockets for your belongings.

It also offers enough space for one person to feel comfortable. And of course, it is also user friendly which can benefit newbie outdoor enthusiasts. It makes use of pole clips that are easy to set up. It also weighs at around 3 pounds, which is perfect for someone who plans to carry minimal load going outdoors.

What is wrong about the product?

Peak height of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx could be a problem with high winds. Also, despite being considered weatherproof, there are still some droplets that can get inside the tent.

Also, the height of the tent isn’t really the best. You’ll most likely need to crouch if you are going to use the tent. And lastly, the vestibule prevents you from entering and exiting the tent smoothly.


  • Spacious interior
  • Warm and dry
  • Gear loft
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent quality/prize ratio


  • Can’t hold against strong winds
  • Not exactly weatherproof


The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx is a great product if you plan to alone. It offers enough space for a sleeping bag, and other belongings. In addition to this, it is also lightweight which you can easily pack inside your backpack. It also has a good ventilation to keep you comfortable during daytime.

But of course, there are some things that could still be improved with this product. For instance, it can’t hold against strong winds. Also, you will still see droplets when it rains, which can be trouble.

#4 Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

A lot of people decide to camp with the entire family during the summer. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the harsh elements. One of the best tents that money can ever buy for this scenario is the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent.

Coleman WeatherMaster

Highly versatile, the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent can be used both as a temporary shelter and extra storage for families that decided to go outside. Made of polyester material, it offers temporary shelter solutions regardless if it is raining or during the hot weather.

This camping tent is perfect for both individuals who don’t have much experience outdoors, to those who regularly find themselves enjoying nature. Unlike other tents that are complicated to set up, the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent is easy to set up.

In terms of comfort, it makes use of Variflo Adjustable Ventilation technology which can help control the airflow in your camping tent. This tent has two rooms which could comfortably house 6 people at once.

Leak Free and roomy shelter alternative

A lot of people hate the outdoors because of their camping tents. The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent can change all those preconceived notions. Designed to withstand strong winds and even rain, it makes use of weather resistant polyester fabric specifically fit for the requirements of the outdoors.

It also makes use of leak-free seams which ensures that you stay dry when you decide to camp on a rainy day. It also has velcro technology which allows you to easily attach or remove the rain fly as needed.

What is wrong about the product?

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent is a great product. However,if there is anything that you may not like about this camping tent is that it may not be enough to provide comfort during cold weather. Also, if you are somewhat new to the concept of pitching your tent, you’ll find the instructions to be quite confusing at first.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Well ventilated
  • Roomy for 6 people
  • ​Durable material
  • With separate rooms


  • Not enough for cold weather
  • Instructions for set up can be quite confusing


If you feel that it’s a good idea to camp with family, then might as well invest on the Coleman 6-Person Screened Tent. It provides comfort especially for those who plan to do it on a good weather. This camping tent can hold strong winds and even some rain, but also, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t made for low temperature conditions. Also, if it’s your first time to set up a tent, don’t be surprised if the instructions are a bit confusing.

#5 Sundome 2,3,6-Person Tent ( Green and Navy color options)

If you are just starting to enjoy the outdoors, or perhaps planning to do it solo or with a buddy, it is important to invest on a no non-sense camping tent. If you’ll ask the experts, they’d suggest a camping tent that is easy to set up, lightweight and offers comfort during different weathers.

Sundome Green Tent

If you plan on traveling on your own or with a friend,one of the best options that you can go for is the Sundome 2-Person Tent. It is a dome structured tent with one door entrance and exit. It makes use of a two pole design that allows easy set up. It is also considered stable even during strong winds.

But what if you are traveling with family and friends? Then, there’s the Sundome 3, 4 and even 6-Person Tents. These larger Sundome versions accomodates groups to enjoy the outdoors in this alternative outdoor shelter.

The Sundome tent has a hooded fly that not only keeps the campers dry, but also promotes ventilation even when it is already raining. It also has a rear window that can keep the tent well ventilated during the day time.

The tent is one of a kind because it also has an electric accessibility port. This allows you to run power into your tent even if you are camping outside the comforts of your home.

Superb material for outdoors

What makes the Sundome Tent great? A lot of it has something to do with its material. It is made of the same material used by other top brands on their camping tents. The manufacturer used polyester taffeta and a 75D flysheet on this camping tent. This allows the users to enjoy the outdoors even if they’re dealing with different weather conditions. Also, for a two person tent, with a height of 48 inches, it allows you to sit down comfortably.

In addition to this, the availability of different sizes make the Sundome tents a good option. Regardless if you are traveling with your friends or doing it on your own, there is always that option that you can go for.

What is wrong about the product?

One of the things that you may not like about this product is the fact that it can be a bit small for its advertised size. Also, there were customers stating that the tent is not exactly waterproof. It leaked right by the corner of the floor seam.


  • Durable material
  • Easy to set up
  • Well ventilated
  • With AC electrical accessibility port


  • Possibility of getting leaked by the floor seam
  • Not enough space


The Sundome 2,3,4 or 6 Person tent is a great starter tent. It is easy to assemble, not to mention it offers a well ventilated design to keep you comfortable even when it is becoming hot. It also makes use of a fly sheet that can help protect you from the rain. However, keep in mind that it isn’t exactly made for heavy rains. Also, you may want to consider getting an extra tent just in case you can’t fit on your tent.

#6 Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Planning to camp with a large group? Perhaps, you are planning to stay outdoors for a couple of days? Measuring 17 feet by 10 feet, the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is a great option that you can use for your adventure outdoors.

Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon

Not only does it provide you with enough space, it also allows enough headroom with its 72 inch center height. Upon setting up the camping tent, it provides up to three separate rooms where you can organize your belongings, or use as a temporary sleeping quarters.

Coleman designed the 8-Person Red Canyon Tent to withstand the unpredictable elements. It utilized a weathertec system guaranteed to keep campers dry during unexpected downpour of rain.

Also, if you are intimidated by the fact that you don’t know how to set up a camping tent, then the simple to follow instructions can help guide you from start to finish.

Durable material and superb ventilation

When dealing with 8 people inside a camping tent, ventilation becomes even more of a priority. The Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent has a venting system guaranteed to keep everyone comfortable throughout the day.

Also, part of what campers love about this particular tent is its material. Not only does it protect you from the elements, the fabric used by Coleman is guaranteed to last.

What is wrong about the product?

Unlike other tents that can be set up in a minute or two, first time campers typically set everything up after 30 minutes. The instructions can be quite confusing, though it is detailed enough to explain everything to you.


  • Made of durable material
  • Spacious for 8 people
  • Can handle the rough weather
  • Three rooms to organize your stuff


  • Not so easy to set up


If you are camping with 7 other people, might as well pick the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent. It offers enough space not only for sleeping, but also for putting all your belongings. It also makes use of durable materials guaranteed to keep everyone dry even during the wet season. If there’s anything you need to watchout for, you’ll need to be a bit experienced in setting a tent, since the instructions to set the tent can be a bit confusing.

#7 Wenzel Alpine 3-Person Tent

Another tent on our list is the Wenzel Alpine 3-Person Tent. It is the perfect tent for those who plan to camp in small numbers. It can be used by up to three people, but is also a favorite among duos and solo campers.

Wenzel Alpine Tent

This 3 dome pentadome tent is designed with a removable fly to help protect the campers from rain and other elements. It also has a shock corded fiberglass frame that allows a quick and easy set up.

Unlike other tents, the Wenzel Alpine 3-Person Tent is easy to clean. Included in its construction is a mud mat with drainage strip to keep dirt away from your tent.

Measuring around 8.5 feet by 8 feet for its floor area, it accomodates up to three people with their sleeping bags. Also, you can sit comfortably inside the tent.

Simple and effective outdoor gear

The Wenzel Alpine 3-Person Tent is a simple, yet effective camping tent that can be enjoyed in different weather conditions. It offers enough ventilation to keep you comfortable on a hot day, while it can also protect you from rain.

It is also both easy to set up and take down, making it the right product for inexperienced campers. It also makes use of durable materials that have been treated with water repelancy application.

What is wrong about the product?

Though a lot of good things can be said about this camping tent, it is quite heavy for a three person tent. Also, though it offers ventilation, some campers think that it isn’t enough to lessen the condensation inside the tent. Also, the rain fly is quite small.


  • Durable materials
  • Applied with water repelancy application
  • Easy to set up
  • Sufficient room for three people


  • Rain fly is quite small
  • Ventilation isn’t enough
  • A bit heavy for a three person tent


The tent is a great option if you are looking for extra space whether you are camping on your own or with a buddy. In fact, this tent can accommodate up to three people. However, if you opt to camp with friends, keep in mind that its ventilation isn’t always the best.

#8 Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent

Another tent on our list is the Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent. With floor area of 7 feet by 7 feet, it is marketed as a camping tent that can provide temporary shelter for up to three people. Other than that, it is also popularly used by solo campers for its functional design.

Mountain Trails win Peaks

In terms of construction, the Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent is made of superb materials tested to last in the outdoors. It has an easy to set up design which allows even the inexperienced the ability to assemble the tent in a short period of time.

Functional design for the outdoors

The Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent has a functional design perfect for the outdoors. It has a dome design with height of four feet. This allows you to sit comfortably when you are inside the tent.

In addition to this, the Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent is made of tough polyester fabric meant to withstand winds and rain. Also, it makes use of a fiberglass frame that allows easy set up and take down.

During the rainy season, the Twin Peaks 3-Person Tent still remains a viable option given its patented hoop fly frame that promotes rain protection.

What is wrong about the product?

So what can go wrong with this product? Though it has a sturdy fabric that can hold against bad weather, let’s take a closer look at their advertised floor area. For a lot of campers who already used this camping tent, they find this three person tent to be quite small compared to other products. In addition to this, it is also quite heavy.


  • Durable fabric
  • Easy set up
  • Sufficient ventilation
  • Perfect for different weather conditions


  • Size of the tent
  • Weight is quite heavy


Made of durable fabric, this tent is one of the best options that you can go for especially if you are going to deal with different elements. This three person tent might be a bit small for three people, but it can still be a good option for backpackers looking for extra space for their belongings.

#9 Stansport Scout Backpack Tent

Camping shouldn’t be too complicated. For solo campers and backpackers, it is crucial to have a camping gear which is easy to pack and set up. If you are this kind of camper, you have all the reasons to invest on a Stansport Scout Backpack Tent.

Stansport Scout Backpack Tent

The Stansport Scout Backpack Tent makes use of a polyurethane-coated nylon which is popularly used in military gear. Unlike other tents in the market, it has an A shaped design that has been updated with different modern features that you typically see in top rated products.

This particular product is a three season tent. It has an easy set up design with two aluminum poles.

Back to the basics

The Stansport Scout Backpack Tent is a simplified approach to camping. It has a basic A shaped design that has been modified a bit with the inclusion of other modern features. In addition to this, the Stansport Scout Backpack Tent is a 3.8 pound three season tent which makes it easy to carry in your backpack.

What is wrong about the product?

The Stansport Scout Backpack Tent is not exactly the type of tent that has a lot of room for your belongings. Though you can pack everything inside the tent, this leaves you with minimal space to sleep. Other than that, the tent does a perfect job.


  • Affordable
  • Durable material
  • ​Water resistant material
  • Simple construction
  • Easy to set up


  • Not enough space for your belongings


If you like the simplest design for your tent, this is exactly the product you need to go for. On the other hand, you have to consider the fact that it is not as spacious as other tents. Despite its sturdy construction, it can be subpar to other modern designs in the market.

#10 Pacific Play Secret Castle Bed 2-Person Tent

If you want your child to enjoy the outdoors, it is always a good idea to let them start young. One of the best starter tent that you can get your child is the Pacific Play Secret Castle Bed 2-Person Tent.

Pacific Play Secret Castle Chrildren Tent

It is often times used by parents who plan to transition their children from crib into bed. On the other hand, it can also be used to introduce the outdoors to your child. Made of durable polyester fabric, it is a product made to withstand the rough play of children.

It also has a fitted outskirt where you can place the mattress to allow your children to sleep comfortably.

Easy to set up and clean

The Pacific Play Secret Castle Tent is not exactly the typical outdoor tent for adults. It is in fact, more of a transition tool for children to learn to sleep in their bed. It can also be used as a tool to introduce the outdoors which is something that a lot of parents wish.

One of the things that parents love about this particular product is that it is easy to set up and clean.

What is wrong about the product?

Though it is a perfect role-play toy for the kids, not to mention tool to introduce the outdoors, there are still some things that you might want to look into. The Pacific Play Secret Castle Tent doesn’t have the right amount of ventilation to keep a child comfortable playing outdoors. Next, some parts are not sewn properly during its construction.


  • Good transition tool for kids from crib to bed
  • A great introduction to the outdoors
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up


  • Sewing issues
  • Not enough ventilation


It’s a good idea to let children play outdoors. This tent allows them to enjoy your backyard. Though it is typically used for transitioning kids from crib to bed, it can also be used as a role play tool to get your children to love nature.

Final Words

There are a lot of tents today. It isn’t surprising if you’ll find it confusing to find the right tent for you. Regardless if you are camping alone, or with the entire family, it is imperative to make it a habit to compare products in the market. With these best camping tents that we’ve come up with, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right one that fits your needs.

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